Don’t miss these top 4 Free Fire upcoming events

A battle royale game launched by Garena (a mobile game publisher based in Singapore), Free Fire unveils its newly opened separate platform for Pakistani survivors. This week, the game has a series of exciting events you cannot ignore.

The most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019 is working hard with an aim to capture Pakistan market by offering more in-game deals and exclusive welcoming events, reaffirming their commitment to create enjoyable experiences for gamers here.

Free Fire took the Battle Royale gaming enthusiasts by storm with its fast-paced actions packed in 10 minutes with various in-game characters and different kinds of special survival ability. Every single battlefield brings the feeling of a final act in a great fantasy story where 01 player fights against other 49 people to be the last one standing.

Redeem free character with Share Link

As Garena Free Fire launches their own separate server for Pakistan, the game title also offers a bunch of activities that gamers can partake in to earn rewards for free. These rewards are given to the survivors upon the completion of various events, challenges and tasks, making the game more enjoyable and encouraging players to spend more time in the game.

For example, with the Share Link activity from September 29th to October 6th, gamers can generate a unique link and share with friends. When enough people click the link, gamers can earn points and redeem 01 free character of their choice from the pools.

Instead of spending diamonds (in-game currency), all you have to do is calling for friends to click your link. Each click earns you 50 points. The same goes for daily log-in. When you reach 1000 points, 01 free character is available to redeem.

Roll the Wheel – Steal the Rewards

Also, Free Fire offers Lucky Wheel activity where gamers can log-in and roll for a chance to receive free iPhone Pro Max, $10,000 of phone cards, full character account, full Elite-pass account, full pets account. The activity opens from September 29th to October 6th.

With this welcoming of the new separate server, Pakistani players will not only experience faster and smoother gameplay experience, but also enjoy a variety of complimentary rewards.

These processes take little time and is also easy to accomplish.

Gamers can also earn 01 free roll when logging in, playing 1 Duo/Squad or Sharing Page to roll for attractive rewards.

Never-before-seen #F5Showmatch with famous Pakistan gamers

Apart from all this, a star-studded Pakistani gamers lineup performing in a never-before-seen #F5Showmatch is another surprise for local survivors.

The showmatch roster includes some of the biggest names in gaming community, from Guy from Pakistan, Cute Panda, Thugs of Pakistan

Zalmi gaming, to Ducky Extra, Shadow Gaming, 47 Khalifa and MrJayPlays.

The champion can bring home a 600.000 PKR prize, while the 1st and 2nd runner up will win 300.000 PKR and 100.000 PKR respectively.

Showmatches are a fantastically engaging activity for participants to get creative and thrill the crowd by showcasing their gameplay and strategic planning skill. With such stellar lineup, Pakistani survivors can surely expect an exciting match like never before.

One-day-Only Server-wide Login Reward

The surprises do not stop there as survivors will be able receive free Legend Swordman Lootbox when logging-in on Peak Day October 4th.

This, combining with the aforementioned activities, shows Garena appreciation towards Pakistani players when creating such a #F5YourGame experience. This includes Fun (a whole new Battle Royale experience), Fast (10-action packed minutes with low ping, Fair (no tolerance for cheating), Free (to download and play) and Fit any device.

Garena Free Fire is now available on App Store and Google Play. Be ready to get yourself immerse in the unrivaled tension that flows through every second of every battlefield.

And the hype doesn’t stop here with #F5YourGame event, sit tight and be ready for other large upcoming campaigns from Garena Free Fire. Follow our social channels for more information:

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