MG Alpha FF’s Free Fire ID, stats, monthly income, and more (MAX version)

Many content creators have found success by creating YouTube Shorts related to Free Fire, and MG Alpha FF is one of them. The YouTuber has consistently been posting fun and engaging short-format content about the battle royale game, which has helped him gain a large following on the Google-owned platform.

platform.MG Alpha FF currently boasts a subscriber count of 307k and a view count of more than 19 million on his primary YouTube channel. In addition, he has over 3.6k people following him on Instagram.

MG Alpha FF’s Free Fire MAX ID and stats
MG Alpha FF’s Free Fire MAX ID is 753562943, and his IGN is “MG ALPHA ?”. His stats in the battle royale title are provided below:BR CareerMG Alpha's BR Career stats (Image via Garena)

MG Alpha FF has played one squad match in the game’s ongoing ranked season but has failed to secure a win or a kill.CS CareerMG Alpha's CS Career stats (Image via Garena)
MG Alpha’s CS Career stats (Image via Garena

MG Alpha FF has played 5545 matches in the Clash Squad game mode and has 3578 victories for a win rate of 64.53%. With a KDA of 2.27, he has 28609 kills.Note: MG Alpha FF’s Free Fire MAX stats were recorded at the time of writing. They may end up changing as he plays more matches

Details about MG Alpha’s guild in the game (Image via Garena)

MG Alpha FF is the leader of a guild named “Megatron” in Free Fire MAX. The guild ID is 3002107728. He currently ranks Platinum I and Heroic in the Battle Royale and Clash Squad game modes, respectively.
Monthly incomeHere are the details about MG Alpha FF's monthly income (Image via Social Blade)

MG Alpha FF’s monthly income is estimated to be between $1.8k and $28.2k. His yearly earnings reportedly range from $21.1k to $337.8k. (Source: Social Blade)

MG Alpha FF has shown remarkable consistency when it comes to his YouTube content, which has witnessed immense growth over the past few months.MG Alpha FF had close to 20k subscribers in September 2022. According to the official Social Blade website, he has gained 94k subscribers in the last 30 days. His overall view count has also increased by 7.038 million over the same period.Apart from his primary YouTube channel, the content creator also has a second account called MG ALPHA FF 2.0. It has 29.3k subscribers and more than 24k views.

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