5 best guns skin rush for BR

Free Fire features numerous weapons for players to use and slay their opponents in battle. To add to that, the developers keep releasing new skins for them to make the overall gameplay even more immersive. Some of these cosmetics offer special abilities.Gamers can enhance the overall attributes of a weapon, including its damage and range, with the help of certain skins. Thanks to the upgraded attributes, players can wreak havoc on the battlefield and improve their stats. This article lists the top five gun skins in Free Fire that offer attribute-enhancing special abilities.
Disclaimer: All Free Fire gun skin attributes mentioned below are at their maximum level. The list is based on the writer’s views, and the reader’s opinions may differ.
Best Free Fire gun skins with special attribute-enhancing abilities
5) FAMAS – Demonic Grin

The fifth skin on this list is Famas Demonic Grin. It has a crimson demon head with white hair on the muzzle end. This aesthetic looks amazing when the cosmetic item is utilized by players in matches.The weapon skin enhances base damage when a player fires the FAMAS at moving enemies. The item increases the gun’s damage per hit and rate of fire but reduces its reload speed.Here are the attributes of the FAMAS Demonic Grin:
Damage: ++
Rate of fire: +
Reload speed: –
Disclaimer: In stats, a single “+” indicates a rise, whereas a single “-” indicates a reduction

) MP40 – Predatory Cobra

The MP40 is a top-class SMG, and its Predatory Cobra skin is one of the best to use in the game. The item was made available during various events last year, and players can expect it to make a comeback in 2023. In the special abilities section, gamers get bonus damage on hitting foes from behind when using this cosmetic. The extra damage is helpful in quickly eliminating the enemy player.The red color on this skin is based on a cobra’s appearance and is very eye-catching. Upon collecting the item, gamers can upgrade the MP40 to higher levels with Venomous Fang (MP40) tokens. The Free Fire skin improves the damage and fire rate of the SMG, which is very handy in taking down rivals in close and mid-range battles.Here are the attributes of the MP40 Predatroy Cobra:
Damage: ++
Rate of fire: +.
Reload speed

3) SCAR – Megalodon Alpha

The Megalodon Alpha is a great skin with special abilities that enhance the SCAR. The unique shark-like design of the cosmetic goes well with the red and black colors, all of which suit the weapon perfectly. This SCAR skin boasts an amazing special ability to deal extra damage to the durability of vests and helmets.In terms of attributes, this skin increases base damage and rate of fire. This will allow gamers to use the gun more efficiently in close-quarters combat to quickly eliminate enemies in Free Fire.Here are the attributes of the SCAR Megalodon Alpha:
Damage: +
Rate of Fire: ++
Reload Speed: –

2) M1014 – Green Flame Draco

M1014’s Green Flame Draco looks edgy and increases the firearm’s potential. It offers the special ability to deal extra damage when the gamer is firing directly at a Gloo Wall. The skin increases damage and fire rate, which is a very handy upgrade for a shotgun. These attributes will help players rack up more kills and increase their win rate.Here are the attributes of the M1014 Green Flame Draco:
Damage: +
Rate of Fire: ++
Reload Speed: –

1) AK – Blue Flame Draco

The AK is one of the deadliest assault rifles in Free Fire. This Blue Flame Draco cosmetic is one of the most lethal weapon skins ever released in the title. It makes the AK deadlier than it already is. The gun skin also looks fantastic with its blue-colored animated wings and dragon-like aesthetic. Its special ability is that it provides increased damage on hitting Gloo Walls in a match in Free Fire.In the attributes department, the cosmetic enhances damage and fire rate. This makes the gun unbeatable in close-range combat. The only con of this weapon skin is that it lowers movement speed.Here are the attributes of AK’s Blue Flame Draco:
Damage: +
Rate of Fire: ++
Movement Speed: -.

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