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How to get Juggle Emote and Kunai Dagger from the new Mystery Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF Juggle EmoteFF Kunai DaggerFF Mystery Top-Up eventFF New Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire New Event

The New OB38 Update has brought a variety of events in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. Most of thoseRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

How to get free items from Free Fire Crimson Angelic Top-Up event

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF New Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

Free Fire is launching top-up events one after another. The New Year top-up event ended recently and Free Fire alreadyRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

How to get free Music Sparks scythe and Emote from New Year Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF New Top Up EventFF Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire New EventFree Fire New Year Top-Up eventGarena Free Fire

Top-up events are the most frequently occurring events in Free Fire. Developers keep adding all-new top-up events to incentivize players.Read more

New Event Top-up Event 

Get Eternal Descent emote and Sour Keeper Backpack from the new Top Up event: Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF Eternal Descent emoteFF New Top Up EventFF Soul Top Up eventFF Sour Keeper BackpackFree FireFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

Free Fire launches a variety of events and Top Up events are the most frequent ones. Players have witnessed successiveRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

How to get Galaxy Hyperbook for free from the latest Top Up event in Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments Free FireFree Fire Galaxy HyperbookFree Fire New EventFree Fire new top up eventFree Fire Top Up EventGarena Free Fire

Free Fire recently introduced an all-new Hyperbook through a top-up event. That means players can collect that premium item forRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

Free Fire finally launched its latest pet Fang: Fang Top-Up event

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF FangFF Fang Top-Up eventFF New PEtFF New pet FangFF New Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

The rumors about the latest pet in Free Fire became true. The new pet is inspired by the werewolves andRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

Get Dragon-themed items for free from Dragon Bite Top-Up in Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF New Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire Dragon BiteFree Fire Dragon Bite Top-UpFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

In Free Fire, players are provided with various in-game events that provide exclusive and premium cosmetics. Many want to getRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

Legend Unfold Top Up event in Free Fire MAX is offering free Green Edge Katana and Flying Slippers

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF Flying SlippersFF Green Edge Katanaff Legend Unfold Top Up eventFF New Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

Developers frequently introduce top up events to keep players engaged in purchasing diamonds by real currencies. This is done byRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

New Faded wheel event is offering Ornamental Touch Desert Eagle and Warder Captain Bundle in Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF New Top Up EventFF Ornamental Touch Desert EagleFF Warder Captain BundleFree FireFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

Another Faded Wheel event is launched recently in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX versions. The event comprises two exclusiveRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

Top-Up diamonds in Free Fire MAX to get a Cobalt athlete bundle for free

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF Cobalt athlete bundleFF Cobalt athlete bundle freeFF New Top Up EventFF Top- Up any amountFree FireFree Fire New EventGarena Free Fire

Currently, two event campaigns are going in full swing in Free Fire MAX. The result is the launching of variousRead more

New Event Top-up Event 

How to get Gun skin and Emote from the Boxer Top Up event in Free Fire MAX

   Swordfish  0 Comments FF Boxer Top Up eventFF New Top Up EventFree FireFree Fire Agile Boxer EmoteFree Fire New EventFree Fire Pigment Splash MP5Garena Free Fire

After the arrival of the Free Fire OB36 update patch, developers have brought tons of new events and new cosmeticsRead more

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