9 great Android games and gaming subscriptions from 2023/

/ If you want to see what gaming on Android is all about, check out this list for a handful of suggestions, including some subscriptions to grant you access to even more great games.

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There are plenty of great games on Android to play, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or a dedicated Android handheld. Some of them even work on your Google TV-equipped television with a Bluetooth controller connected. And in 2022, it became much easier to play Xbox and PC games over the cloud if you don’t mind paying a subscription fee to do so.

For Android veterans and newcomers alike, jumping into the Google Play Store to find a new game may be overwhelming. (It’s not your fault, the shop’s curation is hard to navigate.) Instead of leaving you alone to find what’s good from the immense selection, we’ve pulled out a couple handfuls of recommendations. All of these games should support touch controls and some may also be compatible with Bluetooth controllers or snap-on controller accessories like the Razer Kishi V2 and the Backbone One.

Many of these games are free (with in-app purchases), though some of them require a payment to play. Regardless, all of them should offer plenty of replay value to keep you entertained through the holiday season and beyond.

Pixel 7 Pro and 7 hands-on

Marvel Snap
Key art from Marvel Snap featuring a selection of Marvel heroes
Marvel Snap Image: Second Dinner
Marvel Snap is the mobile game of the year, at least in terms of the amount of buzz it generated. It’s a collectible card game where each card features a Marvel character, complete with unique abilities and attributes. You engage in battles with your deck against online opponents in battles that take six minutes or less. If this sounds even a little like something you’d enjoy, you should check it out. It’s free with in-app purchases, and my colleague Ash Parrish wrote a handy starter guide.

Marvel Snap
A collectible card game where each card features a Marvel character, complete with unique abilities and attributes. Free with in-app purchases.

Diablo Immortal
Screenshot of Diablo Immortal character opening a chest to reveal treasure
Diablo Immortal Image: Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is the first Diablo mobile game, and fans of and newcomers to the storied isometric dungeon-crawling series should check this game out. It’s a very faithful adaptation made for phones and tablets that looks gorgeous, plays well (if your hardware is powerful enough), and offers a lot of depth without costing you any money upfront. For the Diablo uninitiated, you choose a character class that has set abilities, and they’ll grow as you defeat hordes of undead enemies and bosses. One of the best parts of playing any Diablo game is joining up with friends, which this game supports, too.

Diablo Immortal works with touch controls and offers controller support.

Diablo Immortal
A faithful adaptation made for phones and tablets that looks gorgeous, plays

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